Saturday, February 28, 2009


I wrote this first post last month, in prep for starting a blog , which I didn't do until now. But I still like the sound of it, so:

January in Boston can be rough. Its when nice, pleasant winter can turn into windy, 15 degrees, cloudy for two weeks straight winter, and its hard to like that, even for me. In an attempt to move forward, and get closer to that studio-filled cabin in the woods, I am re-opening my etsy shop, now with a much wider variety of wares. I'm not only going to be selling my crocheted winter-warming articles, but also vintage clothes, and prints of both my photography, and my paintings and drawings. (Although I just got it back up yesterday, and I only have a few things in there this minute...)
I've been doing a lot of blog surfing lately, mainly thanks to a beautiful little firefox add-on called Stumble Upon. You fill in your preferences of things you're interested in looking at on the internet, and then you hit the Stumble! button and it directs you to random websites based on your criteria. You can also stumble within certain predetermined websites, one of which is blogspot. Which brings me to all of the recent blog surfing. I have found so many amazing blogs dedicated to everything from design to photography (My favorite right now is A Cup of Jo. I'm in the midst of going back and reading through all of her archives...) What I discovered also, is that there is an abundance of artists online, who are promoting their work with their blogs. They have these great photo/life/design/personal interest/fashion blogs where they also post about updates in their online stores, or their latest works. I need more exposure, and I would love to be able to sell some of my stuff, and thereby, work less, and eventually (way waaay in the future) not at all.
I am currently working as a nanny. I take care of two 8-month-old girls (see above), they make me laugh and bum me out. For instance, I just had to go deal with baby Z, who spontaneously turned purple in the face and started screaming like i was burning her with acid. This is a baby's response to being tired. I understand, and can translate and justify for you many, many things about babies and their behavior, which to a normal human being who doesn't spend their days with poopy diapers and pacifiers, seem crazy. Freaking out when tired is not one of them. I will NEVER understand this. If you're tired, GO TO SLEEP. No one's stopping you, in fact, most of us are probably encouraging your frequent napping. Why would you throw this back in my face? Sleep! Sleep damn you! Don't scream about it! If someone told me that every time I felt sleepy, they would give ma a snack and carry me off to my waiting bed, I would make out with them.

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