Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wilkins Coffee

These are some of the most amazing commercials I've ever seen. They don't hold anything back, they're straight to the point, and they're hilarious. Seriously, "Things just seem to happen to people who don't like Wilkins coffee..." THAT'S the slogan?! They're threatening the consumer with violence. I would drink this coffee out of sheer respect for its ad choices. Oh, and they have Muppets. I shamelessly love the Muppets.

From the Muppet Wiki page:

In 1957, Jim Henson was approached by a Washington, D.C. coffee company to produce ads for Wilkins Coffee. The local stations only had ten seconds for station identification, so the commercials had to be lightning-fast -- essentially, eight seconds for the commercial pitch and a two-second shot of the product.

From 1957 to 1961, Henson made 179 commercials for Wilkins Coffee and other Wilkins products, including Community Coffee and Wilkins Tea. The ads were so successful and well-liked that they sparked a series of remakes for companies in other local markets throughout the 1960s.

Bonus: I have no idea what the hell this is about.

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  1. muppet violence!

    also: tell me how to embed videos because i suck at it!


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