Wednesday, April 29, 2009

texts from last night

(202): Dude, I woke up at my ex's house. I am spooning her half naked roommate. There is a pizza on my shoulder. I need you to come pick me up.

(859): I ahte it when I peed a little on my shews. I got a litll bit on the automen in your room too.:/
(973): Tracy!! I don't have an ottoman in my room.
(859): you have a dog shaped liek un automan?

(610): Where did you get a picture of my penis

(313): I am going to fall madly in love with a ginger, marry the ginger and have lil ginger children running all around town. Oy
(1-313): You shut your mouth

(310): Why did I cab home last night?
(1-310): Because you said you were drunk, sad, and someone called you a hooker.

(281): But imagine a dinosaur-themed tramp stamp

...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm having quite the grumpycrank day over here, but this cheered me up, if only for the duration of my reading it. Seriously, I could have copied and pasted a gajillion more of these, do yourself a favor and go read it, you'll feel great.

(via yewknee)

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