Friday, April 3, 2009

I just want to go home.

It can be incredibly frustrating to be a nanny, and not just because there are babies there, also because of their parents. More specifically, when the opinions of the nanny and the parents don't match up, and one is not willing to give in to the other. This is the fifth day in a row of Baby 2 not being able to lie down and take a nap, despite how tired she is. This is a skill she had previously acquired, and has now disappeared. As someone who has spent eight years looking after babies, and knows this one's mother, its pretty easy to narrow down what the problem is. She's picking her up when she cries. I have had more than one loooooooong conversation with Baby-2-Mom about this. Picking up a baby from what should be a nap because she's crying only teaches her that if she cries, she is going to get picked up. Not a lesson you want your baby to learn, as you'll NEVER GET HER TO NAP AGAIN. I watched Baby-2-Mom commit this very crime on Thursday morning. My head almost exploded. Especially since it took me multiple lectures and several books on baby sleep (which she used to confirm my theories that she can't comfort her obviously devasatingly ailed child...) to get her to actually leave her in the crib and let her learn to self soothe. And now, here I am, on an effing Friday afternoon listening to her scream her face off, because she thinks that if she keeps it up, I'm going to come and get her eventually, just like her Mom does.
New moms out there, listen to your nanny. You hired her for a reason. She knows what she's doing. You're the mom, but she's the expert. And unless she's suggesting you hang your baby out the window by her toes, whatever she's saying to you is most likely in the best interest of you and your baby, even if it seems hard, or a little cruel. I understand its hard to hear your baby cry and not go comfort her, but raising a kid is going to be full of crying, and a whole lot of those tears will be tantrum tears if you're not careful.

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