Friday, April 10, 2009

I never knew it could be like this...

It is a beautiful day outside today, so I decided to make good on all of my promises to myself and go for a jog; and as any first-time-out jogger would do, I picked a destination, jogged to it, stopped for an iced tea, and then jogged back (mostly.)
I stopped for an iced tea at Dunkin Donuts, because despite all of the awful crap they serve (including their horrible, sour coffee) their iced tea is GREAT. It hits the perfect middle ground between a bottled iced tea and a brewed iced tea, and they put a little lemon slice in it for you. So, I went into the D&D (I know its not "Dunkin and Donuts", but its two D's and I like the way it sounds so leave me alone) with my double stroller full o' babies and my turquoise "Hugs not Drugs" tshirt, and from the moment I was helped into the door by a nice old man, to the moment I left, helped by that same old man, and another woman, to the sound of someone saying "They're just beautiful, aren't they?" (the babies), I realized I had stumbled upon something I didn't think existed, a friendly neighborhood Dunkin Donuts.
It was insane, everyone inside seemed to know one another, including the staff, doing things like asking about family members, and making weekend plans. Also, it seemed to be family run. Which I suppose is possible, what with franchising, but still. I have never experienced anything like this at any Dunkin Donuts, in any part of the country, ever. I got prompt, friendly service. The man actually listened when I said "only a little bit of sugar please, " and he even put an extra lemon slice in my tea. Everyone behind the counter commented on how, they agreed, hugs are better than drugs, and as I was leaving a little boy tried to kiss Baby 2! It was the most bizarre D&D experience of my life. All other D&D's are going to pale in comparison to that one. I feel like I should never go in again, or risk tarnishing my miniscule Dunkin Donuts-based faith in humanity.

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