Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm selling some of my vintage!

In preparation for my end of the summer move, I have been inspired recently to go through my very extensive closet and get rid of some things. I've added them to my etsy store! Go check them out! They're all awesome things that, while I still love them, I know I'm never really going to wear them again. There are also a few things in there that I bought without ever trying on, and don't actually fit me, like that awesomeawesomeawesome pink/purple/teal pleated dress with the great print on the bottom. I LOVE that dress, but it just didn't fit me right. Boo. But, I guess that means that one of you lucky people can wear it!

ps- that hoodie in the lower right corner isn't vintage technically. Its a white hoodie I bought and painted with this great hobby horse swirl print. They acually look more like hobby pumas, to me, anyway, the picture was to awesome not to include...

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