Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday day.

It figures that the one day I decide to leave my sketchbook at home is the day that i magically have all of these ideas and really want pencil and paper. And I garun-damn-tee you that theverysecond i get home and have access to my sketchbook again, I won't want it. I'll have forgotten all of the ideas that are popping out of my head right now. Isn't that always the way?

Its Thursday, and I'm pretty excited for the week to end. I've got two babies back as of today. I haven't had Miss Mobile Baby for a little bit now as she's been on vacation. She's a ton of fun, but she makes my day much more active because rather than playing with a stationary baby, I spend all day chasing her around the house as she attempts to pull down and destroy everything within 2 feet of the floor.

I haven't been taking any pictures since London because I've been sick, but I have a huge desire for my camera today. Which I also left at home. Well, here are some more of my fave photos from overseas anyways. That girl's fur head wrap/hat thinger made my whole day. I would wear the crap out of that thing.

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