Monday, June 1, 2009

aaand I'm back....

Okay, I got the computer back. I'm calling it, "My Computer: The Remix." My screen has got "liquid damage", which is computer geek lingo for weird splotchies all over my screen making everything odd and 3D-ish to look at. Its kind of like there's a galaxy beind everything on my screen. That's how I'm choosing to think of it anyway...

I've been up to:

Master chef-ing. Chicken and roasted veggie quesadillas with mango jicama salsa AND citrus sangria. WIN.

Memorial day bike fix-up barbeque. Where I ate awesome shrimp and drank beer in a coozy. Let's go summertime. GAME ON.

More to come. For some reason I feel like putting tons and tons of photos in one post seems wrong. So instead, I'm going to put them in consecutive posts.
Also big thank you to milk for the mention on her blog! Go check her out, her blog is adorable, and she posts a lot of movie trailers, which makes me really happy!

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