Monday, August 3, 2009

The Weekly Widget & Sassoon

Okay, guilty. I haven't been doing this for awhile. I'm awful. Molly gave up on me, but here I am. I'm not quitting on you, lady! FRIENDSHIP & FASHION!

12:10 PM me: I can't wait for my hair to grooooow
12:11 PM Molly: i've actually started using this:

Molly: i'm convincing myself it's working, but no idea

12:12 PM Molly: also good for horses!
me: oh my
i've had that recommended to me in the past
12:16 PM also, i really want to dress up
which is hard to do when you spend all day chasing tiny babies
12:20 PM this is how i wish to look right now

Molly: that's so julia roberts circa pretty woman
but hot
me: right
i just saw it and was like, "whoa. i'm a tubby schlub"
"and where's all my hair"
Molly: i want that photo if only for the weather
12:22 PM i'm sick of tights and i want to wear sandals
me: its blizzarding out right now
you should wear this one

Molly: it snowed and now it's raining and everything falling from the sky disgusts me
12:24 PM me: i'm glad its still snow here
12:25 PM ooh, or this, for you

Molly: oooh yeah, second one, minus the weird little dickey and bowtie
are those old fashion week shots or something?
me: lets turn this into you and me

no, i'm trawling the sartorialist
12:29 PM also, i want this to be your baby some day

okay, i'm done now, i swear
Molly: yeah! i want the swiss miss girl braids
but no cigarettes
me: true
we can just smoke a j insead
12:37 PM Molly: done
me: did you see your baby?
12:38 PM Molly: i want to be wearing that little kid's outfit right now
me: yeah, she pretty much rules

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