Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weekly Widget & Sassoon

When I lived in New York, I ran a small theatre company called Robot vs Dinosaur, which Molly was a huge part of, even after I moved to Boston, and they started doing ridiculous shows, one of which (365), is referenced in the following. Slightly inappropriate?

Molly: ps:
10:45 AM i just choreographed the whole dance piece for 365 last night by "borrowing" a bunch of gondry video moves
it's going to be the only saving grace of this stupid production
and it's going to fucking ROCK
i still have to teach everyone though...
10:46 AM me: dude, that's the best way to do it:
"the Gondry Lift"
i can't believe she dropped the concept three weeks from the show
10:47 AM Molly: whatever... I've stopped having expectations
10:48 AM it's the only way to get by
me: yeah.
10:49 AM I'll just get Bear Loves Fish up and running and you can come do all of those shows
I'll program a dance number into every on eof the shows, it'll be contractual
Molly: Bear Loves Fish? seriously?
10:50 AM me: no
not seriously
Molly: good
but dance numbers.... yes
me: seriously: aardvark vs road
music loves drugs
Molly: no no no: marshmallow eats toast
10:51 AM me: andrea loves air conditioning
Molly: fingers poke eyes
me: andrea <3 airconditioner
10:52 AM pink skin vs brown skin?

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