Monday, August 10, 2009

Why are the only people who want to live with me FORTY?

I don't know why lying on the carpet and staring at the internet is so calming right now, but it is. I found this on the yewknee tumblr. I don't know its origins, but I wish I did. That looks like a movie I'd like to watch.

I've been emailing people about apartments for the bulk of my day. I've gotten two responses so far, and they're both from 40 year olds. 40. years. old. Really? You're forty? FORTY, and you're looking for roommates on craigslist. Excuse me while I judge you.
As much as I would like to be a big person here, I can't. I think its creepy. Why would I want to live with a forty year old man? Why would anyone want to live with a forty year old man unless it was his spouse? or his dog? And don't even get me started on the forty year old woman who emailed me right before him. Who's way of describing herself to me was, "I am a female in my forties and work in a university in Harvard Square, Cambridge." Gee, would that be Harvard University you're referring to? Or perhaps some other, secret college, invisible to the naked eye and protected by the government?
I'm not trying to be mean here, I'm really not, but I'm a little stressed out over here about my job and now living situation, and it seems fair for me to be upset that I'm having my time wasted by morons who think that people don't know what Harvard is. I would never have spent time writing an email to these people in response to their nice-sounding and conveniently-located apartments if they had mentioned one of the most important features of these living situations...YOU'LL BE LIVING WITH A FORTY YEAR OLD. I've passed by plenty of ads for just that reason. And that's totally fair in my opinion. I have no desire to live with someone who is that much older than me. If I wanted that, I'd move back in with my Dad. And the fact that something that central to the living situation wasn't mentioned upfront seems dishonest. It makes these people seem even more creepy and desperate, like they know they won't get responses if they mention they're age, so they just leave it out. Well you know what, people? Quit jerking me around. I need a damn place to live and I'm not gonna find it playing middle aged mind games with you people and your cats.

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  1. If you had posted this about two years ago, I might have been spared from stomping and drumming and Brita-monitoring. Granted, crazy Margaret never mentioned her age in the ad, but I should have been more careful.

    Listen up: forty is not the new thirty, kids! Forty is the new crazy!!


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