Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bizzare things I find at the grocery store.

Holiday cheese shapes. For real. This is a thing, that exists in a store near you. Who the hell is coming up with this crap?"You know guys, it's not TRULY the holiday season until you have your crackers and Christmas tree cheese...and who wants to cut those out THEMSELVES?"

Are we kidding? Pancake batter. In a whipped cream can. That means that 13 year olds across America can now huff pancake batter fumes. Wow. Do you think it comes out all fluffy and makes little pancake mountains?

I have nothing snarky to say about the ski cheese. It comes in a cute little ikea-esque red cube, it's brown underneath the wrapping, and it tastes like caramel! Which, I admit does not sound like it woul be good (caramel cheese?) but I assure you, it is delicious.

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  1. i've tried batter blaster and it's pretty darn nice.


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