Thursday, February 18, 2010

yup, that sounds about right.

This Julie girl has got my number...

"I'm trying to be better about what I eat and I’ve been focusing more on what my body tells me it wants.

Here’s the latest converstion.

Body: I think I would like some Doritos right now.

Me: Are you sure?

Body: Yeah, the nacho cheese ones from the vending machine, please.

Me: Really? For serious? You know they have like over 200 calories in it and it’s all processed cheese powder and corn stuff.

Body: Yeah, but you haven’t had a taco today and doritos are very close to tortilla chips which are made of tortillas, a crucial taco ingredient. And you always say “a taco a day keeps the doctor away.”

Me: True, but we are trying to be skinny, remember? We’ve been feeling chunked-out since the holidays. And we’re trying to be more like Kate Moss who said being skinny is way better than feeling our food and being fat or something like that. remember? remember!!!

Body: But one bag of Doritos isn’t going to hurt us. We can eat carrot sticks after that.

Me: But we’re also going to the hockey game tonight and wouldn’t you rather save the junk food for then?

Body: Julie, we might die before the hockey game. Who knows when our last breath will be. It’s better to eat the Doritos while we have a chance.

Me: hmmm… you have a point.

sidenote: I think Body and Jeans had a fight that I didn’t know about and Body wants to make sure it wins."

via [the daily julie]

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