Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wow. Do we ever need to talk about this...

I was up rather early this morning. As such, I was not in the friendliest of moods as I entered the subway accompanied by a plethora of damp Bostonians. As often happens when I am on the T, I was immediately infuriated by the actions of several fellow commuters who were clearly raised in some farm town where they don't have "people" or "public transportation," only cows and corn.
Anyway, I was almost to work when I witnessed this:

Let me break this down for you. These two ladies do not know one another. This nice blonde girl on the left is clearly just minding her own business, trying to get wherever she's going, when the hot mess next to her in the purple clogs plops down, and proceeds to wrap her arm around her like they're on their first date. I managed to capture the poor girl's awkward, painfully uncomfortable, "GET THIS CRAZY LADY AWAY FROM ME" face (which is priceless by the way.) What I neglected to capture however, was the crazy lady's big crazy grin, exaggerated yawning, mumbling to herself, and stretching out like she was lying at home in bed. Oh. My. Lord. What is wrong with people?!!!! Jesus christ on a bicycle, stop with the closeness! Some people don't like early morning intimacy with strangers! And this isn't the first time I've witnessed this over-the-shoulder familiarity on my morning commute, in fact this is the second time in two days I have witnessed this atrocity. So guess what people? Get off each other on the subway. Just keep it to yourself.
Completely off topic, those boots she's wearing. I'm 90% sure they're the faux leather one's from Old Navy that I JUST MISSED out on and became crazily obsessed with finding last month. To the point of calling at least twenty Old Navy stores trying to find a pair. Come to think of it, maybe she deserves that crazy lady's embrace, my-boot wearing bitch.

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  1. That poor girl! That face IS priceless, she looks so wildly uncomfortable. At least she had a good story to tell when she finally got to her destination :)


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