Monday, May 17, 2010

I think I've got this under control.

Awhile back I had this idea for the blog. Instead of posting random things that I liked, or saw, or photographed, I would feature one photo per post. In the meantime, I would use my tumblr to post my less curated thoughts and photos.
Welp, in perfect Andrea fashion, I had this idea, and I wanted to do it nownowNOW, so I didn't think it through. I changed the entire format of the blog, only to realize that I couldn't really achieve the look and feel I wanted on blogger. So...essentially, I did this backwards. Ugh.
Now, after weeks of struggling with html, and photoshop, and blogger nonsense that I don't care to understand or master, I've given in, and am reversing the entire thing. Back to normal here, (with a new header!), and I will be blogging single, curated photos per single post, over on tumblr. Phew.

(That's Magda up there by the way, her expression is an apt visual for my feelings on this whole mess.)

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