Tuesday, May 12, 2009

enough already.

I found this video over on marvelous kiddo, and it inspired me to finally say something that's been on my mind for awhile now. I read a lot of blogs, like A LOT. But lately I noticed a trend among a whole bunch of the blogs I read. All of a sudden these women (I don't only read blogs written by women, but they seem to be the only ones guilty of this) can only talk about their weddings, babies, and pregnancies. I'm twenty-six years old, so I'm on that line where my some of my peers are starting to do these things, getting married and having babies. I don't begrudge women doing this, and being happy about it, and wanting to talk about it. That's fine. I get it. You're happy. You SHOULD be happy. But come on. Sometimes its just too much. Its overwhelming. I feel like every time I click on a blog lately its "Isn't this the most beautiful wedding?!" or "Look at these amazing engagement photos!" or "Oh look at these adorable booties!"
I should say that I do not include in this rant blogs that are specifically about weddings and babies. I read a few of those because I like the women who write them. I find them and their stories funny and engaging, and I like reading about their lives. I'm talking about blogs that used to be about design and fashion, and what's going on in the world, that now boast three or more posts a week related to letterpress invitations and wedding photographers. Lately I find the only way to keep away from that kind of thing is to read blogs written by people who are a lot younger than me. They seem to be the only ones on the internet who don't want to talk about baby toys, maternity wear envy, and place settings.
I also acknowledge that part of my frustration comes from my job. I'm surrounded by babies and baby stuff and baby crying, and wedding photos, blahblahblah, all day. So, when I'm reading blogs, I'm looking for an escape. An escape I feel like I'm no longer getting. I know there are people who will read this and say "If it bothers you so much, stop reading the blogs, why are you complaining?" Which is true, I could unbookmark the offending blogs, but I'd lose so many that I really do like to read when they're not talking about weddings and babies, however few and far between that is.

Does anybody else feel this way? Or do you think I'm being a d-bag and I should just read different blogs?

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  1. I feel the EXACT same way. Reading what you just wrote was like seeing my thoughts typed out. I'm always inspired by blogs that take me on an adventure or show me things I don't already know about. I also love blogs that amplify what's been on my mind (a'la yours) lately, and suggest other ways of thinking. What's with everyone reposting things that are already on several other websites? I'm bored by that, too, and I don't have a budget for letterpress invitations. I'd rather make personal, homemade ones with markers and imagination.

    I love when blogs get personal. Tell me about YOUR favorite thing, not the same thing that's been reposted a million times. I find that I favor those that give me a peek into their personal lives. I live on the East Coast, and I love reading about someone planting flowers or making broiled salmon on the West Coast. Personal and individual. Escapist and unique. I wish more people would invite us to their life parties.

    Thank you for writing what you wrote because I've been bottling the very same emotions. Here are a few of the blogs that I really love to escape to:

    2 or 3 Things: http://2or3things.blogspot.com/
    Jeana Sohn: http://jeanasohn.blogspot.com/
    LA in Bloom: http://lainbloom.blogspot.com/
    Kitsune Noir: http://kitsunenoir.com/blog/


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