Friday, May 22, 2009


I am having a day completely full of internet trawling and broken dreams. There are a gabillion things I want to be doing right now(including being on a ferris wheel, playing with watercolors, and eating smoked salmon), but instead I'm at work. On the up-side, three day weekend. Zing.

Some stuff I found today:

share some candy. inspired.

recovering lazyholic. Her photostream is what I am lost in in another tab at this very moment.
Her blog is the awesome as well.
Let's be honest, she's pretty much my hero.

now voyager. great. Went through a bunch of the archives today.

2 birds 1 blog. could. not. be. funnier.

you shall know my postocity. tumblr sites dedicated to found images are my new hot jam. This
is one of my favorites.

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