Tuesday, June 30, 2009

good morning, baby.

Internet, I've had too much coffee. I was awoken this morning by the nanny next door, screeching at her little charge. Not cooing, not laughing, or giggling, or reading it a book. Nope, straight up screeching. People, I work as a nanny, as you all know, and I can tell you, no one is benefiting from having someone screech in their face, not the nanny, not the baby, and certainly not little ol' unemployed me, trying to enjoy the last worry-free moments I will get today before waking up to spend the whole day begging people to hire me. So, you know what lady? Take it elsewhere. Go to the park. There is a beautiful playground RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET, where you can screech at that baby to your heart's content, and no one's bed will be three feet from you when you do it.

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