Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Goatbutter. Go sun.

Molly asked me to design a poster for her improv group, Goatbutter this past weekend, and I was flattered and all excited to do it. Let's face it, I work better on a deadline. The top one (pink) is the collage I created for it, and the bottom (orange/yellow) is the final poster. I'm not happy with the font, only because I would have preferred to do all the text by hand myself, but didn't have the time.
I am in the beginning stages of a few new projects, which I'm really excited about, including a collaboration with Molly. I think the warm weather has sparked my creativity. Go sun.

ps- if you're in NYC this Friday, 4/9, and you like fun, definitely check out the Goatbutter show. Its cheap, and funny! Do it, kids.


All photos by me unless otherwise noted.