Wednesday, April 7, 2010

need some spring boots?

Hey people, I just got these great boots on etsy, but they're too narrow for me. BUMMER. So I'm selling them in my etsy shop ($60!). They're a size 9, but I bet they'll fit a size 8 1/2 as well because they're so narrow. They're currently the only thing in the shop because I'm a lazy bones who hasn't made anything for her shop in like, a year. Anyways, they're super super cute, and I'm really sad that they don't fit! I want them to get a good home so someone can look awesome this spring. Excuse me, I'm off to internet shop for boots to rival these that actually fit my feet.

ps- don't mind the "annie haul vintage" on the bottom of the photo, that's the store I got them from originally, and they gave me the go ahead to use their photos. No stealing over here!

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