Monday, June 14, 2010

uh oh.

Blogger has introduced a "design" feature. With templates, and background images, and layout choices. I'm basically peeing my pants over here. As anyone who checks my tumblr (which is all of three people, I know) knows, I like to change the look of things. A lot. I realize I'm at least 75% of my own audience here, so I figure, if I'm the only one looking, it might as well be entertaining to ME. I change the look of my tumblr all the time because its easy. They have a shit ton of templates over there, and every time I'm feeling bored, I just pop in a new one. I tried to change the look on this blog previously, with little success. It was too complicated, and things just kept coming out looking really odd, because a. I have a hard time making design decisions and sticking to them, and b. I don't know anything about html. So it looked like various, asymmetrical kinds of crap around here for weeks.
Flash forward to this morning when I logged into my blogger account to find highlighted "New! Design Feature! Customize your blog!" I shuddered with excitement, and immediately tried out every single background and template option they had. For now I've settled on this one, but I can already tell I'm not 100% satisfied. There's a notebook paper background that was looking pretty dope too...

For the people who do check in regularly, don't be shocked if I change the template every three days. Although really, if you've stuck with me for this long, it can't possibly bother you that much anyway.

Now I'm feeling self conscious. uh...yeah...bye.

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