Monday, March 9, 2009

Another snowy Monday...siiiiiiiiiiigh

I spent a blissful Sunday strolling through the springtime sunshine for a late lunch, and hanging out at home with the windows open. It was glory road.
I woke up today to my two least favorite weather words. Wintry. Mix. I wish I could remember where I found that picture, as I would like to write a letter of thanks to the photographer for reminding me that I usually, in fact, love winter.
These are the things I found yesterday whilst lying in bed with the B, in between America's Next Top Model and God of War.

I totally watched this and was just as enfuriated.
A blog full of school pictures and family portraits. Gold.
Are you kidding with this? (I can't stop looking at it)
My favorite blog that I can't believe I forgot about.

Please allow yourself to be moved not to do any work today and just click on all of my links and bask in the loving glow of the internet.

1 comment:

  1. i looked at the sexy people blog all last night too!! (at work!!)

    thanks popserious! i don't feel ugly anymore!


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